When the election season heated up Steven Crowder from louderwithcrowder.com brought back the legend that is Bob Ross in a parody in which he draws the iconic Hillary Clinton stumble outside of the 9/11 memorial. The political campaign got incredibly intense, but it was Steven Crowder who brought some of the humour to the whole affair. Crowder doesn’t particularly like either political candidate and provided well-balanced coverage of the US election season. It’s a show I watch regularly and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. Crowder does many different Hilarious skits whilst regularly poking fun at The Young Turks. Bacon grease!

If you are looking for more of my favourite clips of Steven Crowder & Not Gay Jared, then I have to select the Thug Life reaction video to Nigel Farage’s speech at the European Union shortly after Brexit. It’s another entertaining piece worth checking out.

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