If there was anyone with a rich history in the UK games press industry it would have to be Larry Bundy Jr. I remember the days sitting back on my couch at the weekends flicking through the TV hoping for some type of gaming coverage that wasn’t squeamishly embarrassing and I found it through Larry and Wes’s Top 10 which had airings on XLeague.TV and potentially a number of other independent broadcast networks at the time. Until this point, much of the video game coverage we enjoyed was covered by presenters that clearly hadn’t a clue about their subject matter and there were only a number of people out there that managed to do also do it justice on TV (Violet Berlin, Charlie Brooker, Dominic Diamond and Julia Hardy), other than that it was a complete car crash. Gamezville, even to this day induces me to vomit uncontrollably.

As it is with feeling nostalgic, I decided to see where Larry Bundy Jr. ended up. He was on YouTube and has been creating some extremely good content. Not shy to ruffle the feathers of journalist hacks who have given high scores for deplorable games, Larry’s Fact Hunt series, is a very strong component to his content arsenal. I’ve been playing video games since 1989 and unlike most other YouTube content producers, I am constantly learning new things from Larry’s content and that’s what I love most about it – it’s a labyrinth of utterly compelling video game history, both with developers and publishers and a look at journalism itself. Check out the episode I’ve attached and go and head over to his channel for more.

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