The last couple of months has been a slog, re-building an audience, trying to gaze beyond the parapet of what is an extremely saturated market, the YouTube gaming scene. So I know how hard it is to try and build up your audience numbers, often your content can get lost beyond the sheer amounts of it being pumped out every day. So I’m starting a set of new posts featuring some YouTube content creators that I’ve stumbled upon that I feel have potential, or I have enjoyed their content. So let’s start off with the first channel Atomic Facepalm.

Atomic Facepalm is a channel that has been started up by Chris and Brea. The thing I like most about the channel is both the chemistry between them (I have no idea if they are married or not, they could be friends, I’m not sure…you can try and work that one out for yourself, it’s not immediately obvious) but also their focus on reviewing games that they have fully completed. There is such a first out the door attitude with gaming journalism, that many websites will throw a review out of the door having not completed the actual game – which on one hand I can understand because to survive or create an audience in this industry, time is of the essence. However, there are many games that start off with a blistering pace and then lose their tenacity as they draw on longer – so what Chris and Brea are doing with reviewing a game after it’s completed, irrespective of timing is actually refreshing. With that comes lengthy videos, so be prepared to watch them when you have the time.

Above is their review of Resident Evil 7. You can find their channel here if you are interested in subscribing.

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