I’ve really been enjoying LemonTubeAmiga lately. Even though I grew up on the other side of the said computer war of the time, the Atari ST. I wanted to share some of LemonTubeAmiga’s work as he does a great job of shortlisting down a number of different game categories. Featured is one of his videos where he counts down his Top 100 driving games on the Amiga. As you can probably imagine that’s an insane amount of time developing a shortlist for such a thing. His channel is best served with a spot of gaming on the side and listening whilst glancing with it on in the background. LemonTubeAmiga also has some play guide videos where he’ll give assistance on how to play certain games, he’s also got some footage featured from the documentary from Bedrooms to Billions with such cult personalities such as Jon Hare and Peter Molyneux.

I’ve really enjoyed scrolling through the myriad of videos he has produced, with over 100 to watch and enjoy. I’m not sure if you are an Amiga fan or not, but I wanted to write about his channel as part of an on-going series where I take a look at Channels with larger and smaller audiences than my own. I’ll only ever feature channels here that I enjoy, in the hope you do to. Anyway, until the next one, go over and check out LemonTubeAmiga and see if it’s the type of content you’ll enjoy.

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